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Coney Reyes

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Veteran sFilipina actress and host Coney Reyes, whose real identity is Constancia Angeline Reyes Nubla was born on May 27, 1954. She is a also a producer in the Philippine Movie Industry. Connie came from a Chinese and Spanish descent. She studied her degree at the Maryknoll College which is now Miriam College and graduated from the course Bachelor of Arts major in Communication Arts. She was consistent in dean’s list and was an active student leader.

Coney Reyes first appeared in the movie “Return of the Dragon” in 1975. She also started her hosting career in Student Canteen on the very first airing also in 1975 in GMA Network. After quite some time, she transferred to RPN to co-host in “Eat Bulaga” in 1982. Chiqui Hollman filled in the vacancy she left in Student Canteen. Her new hosting work in “Eat Bulaga” opened opportunities and paved the way for her to do movies and other TV shows with the likes of Dolphy, Vilma Santos, Lorna Tolentino, Maricel Soriano and the late Helen Vela.

In 1984, she produced a weekend afternoon drama anthology entitled “Coney Reyes on Camera” which ran from 1984-1988, and was considered one of the top rating programs on Saturdays. The show brought numerous awards and citations to her name which included “Star Awards for TV”, “Catholic Mass Media Awards” and the CAMACOP. Coney Reyes also starred in different TV shows such as “Ysabella,” “Rubi,” and “100 Days to Heaven,” which is her first leading role in TV since “Biyudo si Mister, Byuda si Misis,” days in 1977. Currently she is doing ABS-CBN’s Judy Ann Santos starrer, “Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala.” She also portrayed a mother role on the lead characters in the new movie “Four Sisters and a Wedding.”

On weeknights, she is also co-hosting with Peter Kairuz in “The 700 Club Asia” in GMA News TV. A self-professed born again Christian, Coney is an active member and the disciple group leader of Victory Christian Fellowship. In 1990, Coney totally surrendered her life to the Lord Jesus and she considers that a second chance for life. Now, he allows God to take care of her in His own purpose and plans. And true enough, God continued to bless her through her prosperous acting career, and gave her the stature of a matured, veteran actress that she is right now. She continues to inspire as well as entertain others through her acting talent that she has been gifted.

Coney Reyes believes that each individual is unique and has his own special talents and gifts; you just need to pray for that gift and be a good steward thereof. What is more special is that if you love your gift, you will be happy sharing it with others.

Coney Reyes has two children from previous relationships, L.A. from her ex-husband former basketball player, Larry Mumar and Vico, son to ex-partner Vic Sotto. She shares that she is happy and contented with what is going on with her life right now, and thankful for her children that is also the source of her inspirations.

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