Amanda Griffin

Amanda Griffin

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Amanda Griffin is the screen name of Amanda Claire Ricardo Griffin who was born in Windsor, Berkshire. She was the oldest daughter among three siblings. Amanda is a television personality and an English model in the Philippine entertainment industry. She was born to a Filipino mother and an English father and spent her childhood in the United Kingdom, Australia, Philippines and United States. Amanda studied at a university in Australia where she took up her course in Business and Communications. She was already modeling for numerous designers and brands since she was 14 locally and in other Asian countries. She was also modeling in print as shown in different magazine covers.

Amanda Griffin

Amanda, aside from her modeling career is also the owner and proprietor of “Tabu” swimmer brand and an event management “Fatally femme Productions.” She had also displayed her hosting skills in “F!” aired over ABS-CBN and later transferred to Studio 23, which is a lifestyle/fashion weekly show together with the pretty Angel Aquino, and Daphe Osena-Paez, a popular TV journalist. She was also a former host of the Team Explorer, and info-travel on Studio 23.

Amanda’s hosting career was also seen in the Asian music TV Channel V as a VJ presenter. She was considered as the first VJ’s of Studio 23. She had appeared as the November 2006 cover girl in the FHM Philippines.

Apart from these achievements, she was recently crowned as 2013 Philippines Sexiest Vegetarian by PETA Asia She got the highest vote online. She bested Alicia Meyer, Geneva Cruz and Sandra Seifert and Julia Sniegowski for the title. Other competitors were Chin-Chin Gutierrez, Raymond Bagatsing, Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan and former US President Bill Clinton and many more. Amanda had problems every time she eats meat that is why she resorted to vegetables and had seen the changes both physically and mentally. She further stated that she started her children early on eating veggies.

Amanda can also be seen on the Lifestyle Network, in her own show entitled ‘Amanda, Living Life.” She is also happy because she maintains her sexy body without putting too much effort, and with all the necessary nutrients a body needs. Plus, being a vegetarian can help not only the body but the environment as well.

This pretty model and entrepreneur endorses everyone to possibly change your diet to a more healthy and beneficial ones. It is better to start now so that you can eventually see and understand what good it brings to one’s human body.

You can get to see Amanda in her TV show where she shares the secrets of beauty by being a vegetarian, and other lifestyle checks that can be helpful to everyday living. She’s happy with the compliments because after giving birth, she is still sexier than anybody and can still compete with young ladies in modeling or in wearing daring clothes. And to top it all, she now feels healthier than ever. Being vegetarian responds to her thirst for a healthy lifestyle and she recommends this diet especially for women on the go.

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