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Sheena Yvette Castro Halili to her family, Sheena Halili was born on January 16, 1987 in San Fernando, Pampanga. She is a Filipina actress and model and began her entertainment career in “Marimar” where she portrayed the role of Monica in the television series. “Star Struck,” a reality star search for new talents paved the way for Sheena to join the Philippine showbiz industry. Although she was eliminated as one of the 14 finalists, she was given a break to appear in TV commercials and shows. One of the survivors Rainier Castillo, was rumored to be her boyfriend and it was later believed that they really had a relationship after the eliminations.

Sheena Halili had co-starred in “Ako si Kim Sam Soon,” and “LaLola,” as Cynthia and Vicky respectively. She also had portrayals in “Zorro,” and “Rosalinda.” In the “SRO Cinemaserye Presents: Reunion” Sheena was given her first lead role together with Jennica Garcia.

After quite some time, Sheena had a relationship with Rocco Nacino which did not last that long saying they are having differences in regards to values. They did not really want to go to the details of the true reason of the separation but rather they stressed that all they want is to focus more on their showbiz careers. For now she enjoys taking time with her dog, whom she dearly loves. When she’s not busy, she spends more time with friends and family.

There are certain qualities that make Sheena special to her family, friends and fans. Sheena is firm in her faith, which is shown in her tweets. She loves to post some Bible verses and gives spiritual inspirations to those who can read it. Sheena displays great love and closeness to her family. It can be visible on how she write and communicate with them even in social sites and networks. That is a reflection of a sincere goodness of a person.

Her success does not in any way or another affect her behavior and she does not fail to look back where she came from. Sheena always bears in mind that in striving to succeed, it is always wise to start below and rise than to start up because there is no way out but go down.

One important trait that Sheena has is humility to others. She doesn’t treat her fans as fans rather, she treats them as friends. When asked about fans that come to visit her, she always says that they are her friends. This is quite a remarkable attitude considering she is already famous on her own.

Her Star Struck batch knows who the real Sheena Halili is. She might have improved her looks, personality and appearance, but she had never changed her true and sincere nature. That is why she is now gradually creating a name of her own in the Philippine showbiz arena.

GMA management is happy with her performance and loyalty that she is always blessed and provided work and various guestings in TV shows and movies. Sheena Halili had come a long way from being a survivor in Star Struck Batch 1 reality show.

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