Jillian Ward

Jillian Ward

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Jillian Ward

Jillian Ward

Real Name: Jhyllianne Wardë
February 23, 2005
Profession: Model, Actress
Parents: Jennifer Ward Penzon

Jillian Ward was born as Jhyllianne Wardë in Manila, Philippines. She first appeared in a commercial for Promil. Before she was introduced in GMA Network’s recent TV remake of the classic film Trudis Liit, she had played the role of Daldanika in The Last Prince. Ward is also known to portray the role of Donna Marie “Mayi” Madreal in the afternoon GMA Drama, Prima Donnas.

Jillian WardIn November 2019, Jillian Ward has made her own business, Wonder Tea Philippines, which was opened in Floridablanca as its first branch. It was followed by Guagua and Porac as their second and third branches.

On August 23, 2020, Jillian Ward has released her first ever YouTube Vlog, which is called “MY SECOND HOUSE’ CONSTRUCTION TOUR“. The vlog is set in her 3-storey home in Pampanga.

Ward was born as Jhyllianne Warde in Manila, Philippines, to a mother who is half-American, and half-Filipina. She first appeared in a commercial for Promil. Before she was introduced in GMA Network’s recently TV remake of the classic film Trudis Liit, she had played the role of Daldalita inThe Last Prince.

In 2010, then five-year-old Jillian Ward rose to fame after portraying the titular role in the TV adaptation of Vilma Santos’s classic movie, ‘Mars Ravelo’s Trudis Liit.’

Now 16, Jillian Ward has grown gracefully and has blossomed into a beautiful teenager. She is also building her dream house, a statement of how focused and dedicated Jillian is.

On her 16th birthday in February 2021, Jillian Ward thanked everyone who helped her achieved what she has achieved.

On February 23, 2021, the day of her birthday, the Prima Donnas star puts out this gratitude post on her Instagram feed.

Today, I’m not only cherishing the gift of life,
but also everyone in my life.

You all help me discover myself constantly—my essence, my purpose, and everything else.

You light up my world. Y’all are the reason why I’m able to live a vastly meaningful,
and happy life. I’m full of gratitude.

I thank God for all of you.

I’m immensely grateful for my life, for all the knowledge, and opportunities that I’m blessed with, which helps me spread my message.

I will work tirelessly to pursue excellence. I will continue to grow from the past, embrace the present, and look forward to a blissfully kind future.

Deep love to all. Stay safe and kind.

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