Francis Marcos

Francis Marcos

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Francis Leo Marcos is an internet personality with over a million subscribers on YouTube who rose to fame because of his viral “Mayaman Challenge” where he claimed to be a wealthy businessman donating to the poor while calling out the rich for failing to do the same.

Marcos also claims to be related to the late ousted dictator Ferdinand E. Marcos but the latter’s family has refuted this. His real name, according to the National Bureau of Investigation, is Norman Mangusin.

He was arrested by the NBI on May 19, 2020, for violating the Optometry Act with his unauthorized distribution of eyeglasses in Baguio City. The NBI also said that it was verifying reports of arrest warrants for human trafficking in 2006 and violence against women and children in Gapan, Nueva Ecija. Marcos claimed that he was simply being persecuted by those offended by his Mayaman Challenge.

Marcos was further slapped with charges of identity concealment and violation of the Passport Law. The NBI also disclosed that he had several pending estafa cases.

The Securities and Exchange Commission in advisories posted in 2020 flagged entities operating under the name of Francis Leo Marcos or Norman A. Maguisin which were falsely claiming to be registered corporations with the SEC and soliciting donations from the public without any prior registration, license and accreditation from the Department of Social Welfare and Development.

In particular, the SEC warned the public against dealing with Filipino Family Club International Inc., a foundation engaged in soliciting donations for “dubious humanitarian activities” but is non-compliant with the Revised Omnibus Rules on Public Solicitation or the Solicitation Permit Law of the Philippines.

The NBI suspects that donations gathered through the foundation are being used to finance Marcos’ current senatorial bid. Marcos has denied any involvement with the foundation, saying that it was formed by his supporters and social media followers.

This is Marcos’ second bid for the Senate. He was disqualified from the 2013 elections by the Commission on Elections because he was below the 35-year-old minimum age requirement mandated by the 1987 Constitution.

He is running on a platform of education, poverty eradication, agriculture, healthcare and the economy.


Full Name: Francis Leo Antonio Marcos
Nickname: FLM
Birthdate: September 29, 1979 (Age 44)
Birthplace: Baguio City, Benguet
Languages Spoken: Filipino, English
Spouse: Mayu Murakami
Profession/Occupation: Businessman


  •  Claims to be the chief executive officer of the Marcos Group of Companies but there are no publicly available records of registration and/or operations

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