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Rey Langit

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Rey Langit is a veteran multimedia journalist with one of the most recognizable on-air voices in the Philippines.

From humble beginnings in Tondo, Manila, he has built a multi-decade career hosting a variety of public service programs. He is currently the main anchor of the radio station DZRJ 810 and is the host of news programs “Kasangga Mo Ang Langit” and “Biyaheng Langit.”

The 2022 elections will be his fourth try for the Senate, promising in previous bids to uphold the welfare of the poor, act as a watchdog against corruption, and enact reforms that would help media practitioners.

He is currently running under the administration PDP-Laban ticket alongside another media personality, actor Robin Padilla, appointees of President Rodrigo Duterte, and Sagip Representative Rodante Marcoleta who played an outsized role in the lower house’s non-renewal of ABS-CBN Corp.’s franchise.


“Mukhang ito ang aking destiny. Nais ko kasing i-offer sa ating sambayanang Pilipino ang kakayahan ng inyong abang lingkod bilang isang public servant kasi simula’t sapul, nang ako’y pumasok sa media, naka-focus lang ako sa public service.”

Full Name: Reynante Magat Langit
Nickname: Rey
Birthday: September 20, 1948 (Age 75)
Birthplace: Pampanga, Philippines
Languages Spoken: Filipino; English
– Father, government employee
– Mother, seamstress
Spouse:Ester Dino Langit
– Reyester Langit (deceased)
– Reynante “JR” Langit Jr.,co-host of news program “Kassanga Mo ang Langit”
Profession/Occupation: TV and Radio Broadcaster


  • Bachelor of Science in Commerce, Far Eastern University


  • Main anchor for radio station “DZRJ 810”
  • Host of news programs “Kassanga Mo Ang Langit” and “Biyaheng Langit”
  • Chairperson, Heavenly Images Production for TV Inc.
  • Vice President/Station Manager, DWIZ
  • Board of Trustees, Aliw Broadcasting Corporation
  • Chairperson, Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas-Metro Manila


Langit is a multi-award winning journalist who first became famous in his coverage of the 1986 People Power revolution. He had successful television and radio programs as well as columns in various publications. He claims to have coined the moniker “People Power” to describe the people-led uprising that toppled the Marcos dictatorship in 1986.


A man of truly humble beginnings, Rey expressed his dynamism at a very young age. He would pull the weeds in a Chinese neighbor’s garden for ten centavos a bundle, drove a pedicab, sell comics magazines to his classmates, and would even sell native foods like “kakanin” and “matamis na bao” to them at snack time to support his schooling expenses. He finished his primary education at the F.G. Caldreon Elementary School, a public school in Manila. He started his First year of High School in MLQU and finished the rest of his high school education at the Far Eastern University Boys High School.

Already a working student, he pursued his college education at the Far Eastern University. He is a BS Commerce graduate and an exemplary student leader.[citation needed] He was a Director of the Order of Parliamentarians Confraternity; President of the IABF Banking Association; a Model Cadet and ROTC Officer; undisputed “Duplo King”; President of FEU Philippine Cultural Performance Arts Group; RHO OMEGA TAU Fraternity; and a Director of the FEU Progressive Party.[citation needed] He finished second year law at the FEU College of Law.


Rey Langit went on to join the media, becoming a radio announcer, anchorman, and commentator. His public service programs have helped ease the plights of many suffering Filipinos, including OCWs (Overseas Contract Workers who are now referred to as OFWs -Overseas Filipino Workers) and their families. He became the link of the ordinary Filipino to the government and its agencies in solving their problems. Because of his tireless efforts to help those in need through his public service programs and activities, he has received various commendations, honors, awards and recognitions both local and international groups and entities.

Known for his unique and unmistakable booming voice, Pareng Rey or Sky, has been on the air for more than four decades. Millions of Filipinos start their day listening to Pareng Rey on the radio as he informs them of the current events and pressing issues that affect their lives. During the People Power Revolution that installed Cory Aquino into power in 1986, Langit was continuously on the air for two days. Other radio stations had stopped broadcasting midway into the revolt, but Langit refused to be silenced. His voice became the only resource for millions of Filipinos who wanted to know what was going on in the country’s capital. He reported on troop movements all over the city, and as ordinary citizens began walking out of their homes, and gathering on the streets to keep vigil and form human barricades. Langit first used the term “People Power”, which went on to become the popular term used for the first peaceful revolution. In 1989, with the Aquino Administration far from being stable, Langit once more became the voice that the Filipino masses listened to as he courageously reported on what became a series of coup d’état attempt to overthrow the Aquino administration. Pareng Rey Langit was awarded the prestigious “Radio Broadcast Journalist of the Year” award given by the Rotary Club of Manila the following year. In 2004, Langit was once more named “Radio Broadcast Journalist of the Year” by the Rotary Club of Manila for his outstanding achievements in public service through broadcast media and his exceptional and in- depth reports on relevant and important issues. He was cited for his dedication to helping overseas Filipino workers through his various TV and radio programs.

Aside from being an admired and multi-awarded broadcaster, Langit is also an accomplished leader. He was the Station Manager of the AM Radio station DWIZ 882 kHz. and vice president of Aliw Broadcasting Corporation until 2016 where he decided to run again as a Senator but lost in the elections. After the elections and the death of Aliw Broadcasting Corporation chairman Antonio Cabangon-Chua, Langit bid goodbye to his station for 24 years, DWIZ and transferred to DZRJ 810 kHz Radyo Bandido (which his radio program continues to air until now) and PTV as anchor of programs “Insider Exclusive Kapihan” “Kasangga Mo ang Langit” (which his TV program also airs over RJ DigiTV), and “Balitang Tanghali”.

He is also the chairman of the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas-Metro Manila Chapter and is a member of the board of directors of the KBP-National. Langit is also the Chairman of the Heavenly Images Productions for Television, Inc. (HIP TV, Inc.) which is an independent media production house producing its own television and radio programs.


Rey Langit is married to Ester Dino Langit and has 2 sons, Reyster (March 14, 1973 – June 3, 2005) and Reynante Langit, Jr. (JR, born April 11. 1976).

In 2005, Langit’s son, Reyster Langit, also a journalist, died of heart failure due to cerebral malaria, a disease he contracted in Palawan while on assignment for the public affairs program Kasangga Mo Ang Langit.[4][5] His surviving son, JR, has since joined him in the field of broadcasting.



  • Muslim Magnum 357 (2014)
  • Pepot Artista (2005)
  • To Saudi With Love (1997)
  • Tora, Tora, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang (1990)
  • May Isang Tsuper ng Taxi (1990) (cameo role as a former DZRH Radio Announcer)
  • Muslim .357 (1986)
  • Ang Padrino (1984) (as FPJ’s hired assassin)


  • Kasangga Mo ang Langit (DZRJ-AM)


  • Kasangga Mo Ang Langit (RPN 9; IBC 13; PTV 4; Radio Bandido TV; RJ DigiTV)
  • PTV Balita (PTV 4)
  • Biyaheng Langit (RPN 9; IBC 13)
  • Action 9 (RPN 9)
  • Newswatch Aksyon Balita (RPN 9)

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