Ding Diaz

Ding Diaz

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Ding Diaz a businessman and a philanthropist is currently running for Senate under Partido Pilipinas sa Pagbabago.

Ding Diaz also filed a certificate of candidacy for the 2016 senatorial election and was endorsed by then-Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, but his COC was canceled by the Supreme Court which declared him a nuisance candidate.

He is campaigning primarily on providing jobs, livelihood and dignity. His 2022 senatorial platform seeks to provide energy security, food security, help for the healthcare workers, good governance, support for the business sector, and alliance with foreign countries.

In a video posted on his official YouTube page, Diaz said he supports the legalization of both divorce and same-sex marriage.

“Ang kailangan natin ay mga lider na magbibigay ng tamang pagkakataon sa kanyang nasasakupan. Kailangan natin ng mga lider na handang maglingkod at ibigay hindi lamang ang kanyang panahon kung hindi pati lahat ng kanyang kakayanan at talino para magampanan ang responsibilidad ng isang pinuno ng bayan.”


Full Name: Fernando Fabian Diaz
Nickname: Ding
Birthday: October 07, 1960 (Age 63)
Province: Manila
Languages Spoken: Filipino, English
Gender: Male
Civil Status: married
Profession/Occupation: Businessman


Energy Security

  • Unlimited energy using natural resources such as wind and water currents

Food Security

  • Create an abundance of food through agriculture

Helping the healthcare workers

  • Provide risk allowances and bigger insurance for the healthcare workers


  • Make harsh laws to punish corrupt government officials

Business Sector Support

  • Give subsidies to businesses and protect the small and medium-sized enterprises

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